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All this talk about health and nutrition. All the brouhaha about the latest health craze. All that ruckus about the newest exercise trends.

But what really is the goal?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? I mean, why do you want to be healthy? What will good health help you accomplish? If you haven’t thought about it, you might want to start now. Because—

Good health is not the end goal!

It's just a means for you to do all the things that give your life meaning. If you’re setting your sights on good health as the ultimate goal, it really doesn't mean that much. So what if you’re in great health?

There must be a deeper, more meaningful reason why you want to be healthy. There’s be must a purpose to it!

Do you want to be there for your kids as they grow up? Do you want to set a great example for them? Do you want to watch them graduate from high school or university? Do you want to enjoy retirement life or go traveling with your spouse?

Only when you’ve understood your real, deeper, ultimate goal can you start to realize how important it is for your health behaviors to be compatible with that objective. And that will drive you to make more positive changes in your life!

Photo by Bewakoof.com Official on Unsplash

Deciding and starting to make healthy choices is easy—way easier than sustaining it. Sure, you can start going to the gym and eating healthy food—but for how long?

We’ve seen people who start going to the gym and stop after a month. People who go on diets and then go back to their old eating habits after a short while. People who invest in expensive exercise equipment only to leave them unused after a period of time.

But when you have a goal as important as being there for family or setting a great example to them, sustaining the momentum won’t be as difficult. Why?

Because your heart will be in it!

So before you decide you want to live a healthier lifestyle, dig deep and think about why you really want to do it. This way, your motivation will be much more powerful and your actions more consistent with your goals.

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