Yoda, Optimus Prime, Nick Fury, Commissioner Gordon, Dr. Watson.


I’m a huge fan of films featuring a mentor-like character who plays a pivotal role in the growth of the main protagonist. These characters keep the main hero grounded, and generally just saves the hero from going too dark or going astray. They just—without fanfare—keep the hero together!


When it comes to your health, there’s one protein that glues your body together—just like a mentor.


Collagen peptides.


Collagen is the most abundant substance in your body, second only to water. In fact, collagen comprises around 30% of the entire protein in your body. Lack of collagen will result in dry and thin skin, brittle nails, low muscle growth, and terribly fragile bones. Ouch!


Unfortunately, while you normally have an abundant supply of collagen in your younger years, collagen production begins to decline as you get older—and you don’t even have to be that old! Fact is, you start to use up more collagen than your body produces after the age of 25.


Wait, what?!


You read it right. From that age, you lose about one percent of your body’s collagen each year. Surprising, eh?


Not to worry, though. Taking collagen peptides orally—in either pill or powder form—is a great way to boost your collagen reserves.


But first, how exactly does collagen benefit your body?


1. Promotes healthy skin

healthy skin collagen

Because of all the ads, people automatically link collagen with skin health. And they’re not wrong—exactly.


Collagen does improve skin elasticity, boosts skin hydration, reduces wrinkles, prevents damage from UV rays, and holds off early signs of aging.


However, when it comes to your skin, collagen’s true lasting benefits emanate from the inside. The most efficient way to do this is by taking collagen supplements. Collagen supplementation keeps your skin firm and moisturized, and can thwart early signs of aging.


2. Supports strong nails 

If you’ve never had nails breaking or splitting at the slightest friction, you’ll never realize how frustrating it could get (not to mention painful, at times). Even simple things like buttoning up your shirt or zipping your pants could be challenging. Oral collagen intake promotes nail growth, and prevents brittle and broken nails. Simply nail-tastic!


3. Cultivates healthy hair

 healthy hair collagen

I know coloring your hair or getting implants are a thing nowadays. But for natural healthy solutions, collagen is the way to go. Collagen prevents premature hair loss, thinning, or graying. Definitely a must if you want to retain your naturally abundant, lustrous mane!


4. Boosts muscle gain and regeneration

muscle gain collagen

Essential for the healing and growth of muscles, collagen supplementation can build muscle strength, assists muscle regeneration, and prevents muscle problems. That’s a whole lot of ‘muscle,’ but truly—who wouldn’t want that?


5. Keeps joints, tendons, and ligaments in proper condition

joints collagen

Collagen deficiencies affect our body’s flexibility and range of movement. Taking collagen supplements allows you to maintain healthy tendons and ligaments, avoid joint pain and swelling, and prevents disorders (arthritis being the most common).


6. Develops stronger bones

healthy bones collagen

When it comes to strong bones, we usually only hear about calcium. But collagen supplements help in a slightly different manner. While our bones get less resistant as we get older, collagen stimulates the growth of bone cells, improves the absorption of calcium in our body, and augments our body’s capability to withstand fractures.


7. Facilitates tissue repair

wound scar skin repair collagen

Collagen is an important element in wound healing. For most wounds (especially the serious ones), transforming damaged tissue back to its undamaged state is no longer possible. Wounds need to be repaired using additional material to put the tissues back together (sort of a Scotch tape, huh?). That additional material is collagen. Shortage in collagen can hinder your ability to heal.


8.  Restores gut health

gut health digestive health collagen

Collagen is essential to a healthy gut.

Your intestines are guarded by a gatekeeper we call an intestinal barrier. This barrier aids in the absorption of water, nutrients, and blocks the entry of toxic microorganisms into your body. As with anything else in your body, this barrier can malfunction, leaving you vulnerable to intestinal disorders such as diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, leaky gut, or celiac disease. Collagen seals the barrier more strongly, helping prevent these disorders.


Impressive, huh?


There are other ways to boost your collagen supply, and that includes eating foods that are naturally rich in it: salmon, pork, and chicken skins, egg yolk, bone broth, and non-steak meats like tripe, oxtail, and tendon.


Realistically, though, it might be a bit challenging to sustain daily intake of collagen-rich food because of your busy lifestyle.  It does take time to prepare these healthy dishes.


Which is why supplementation may be the best way to go.


Our recommended supplement? MAV Nutrition’s Premium Collagen Peptides

 collagen peptides powder

This organic premium supplement supports the growth of luxurious hair, smooth skin, and strong nails. It slows down visible signs of skin aging like dryness and dull complexion while giving your body the essential amino acids and proteins it needs to enhance your beauty from inside out.


While our Collagen Peptides helps maintain the efficient function of your digestive tract, it also promotes a sense of fullness to keep you satiated between meals, helping you manage your weight.


Your skin, gut, and muscles—everything will feel revived and rejuvenated with MAV Nutrition’s Collagen Peptides!


Check it out here.

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